Sign up to pay Palm Beach County property taxes in installments

TaxCollectorLogoPeople can sign up to pay property taxes in four installments, Tax Collector Anne Gannon said Monday.

The deadline to apply is April 30, 2017. The plan offers a discount of slightly under 4 percent. Quarterly payments are due by the last day of June, September, December and March.

Property owners can go online and complete a short application. Applications were mailed with all 2016 tax bills or can be picked up at a Tax Collector service center.

In 2016, about 22,117 properties were enrolled in the plan. If you’re in the plan now, you don’t need to re-enroll.

Visit for more.


South Florida Water Management District OKs new budget with no tax rate increase

nckrnyt9Tax rates for the South Florida Water Management District won’t go up for a sixth straight year.

On Tuesday in West Palm Beach, the 16-county district’s governing board approved a $726.6 million budget for 2016-2017 in which property owners will pay $33.07 per $100,000 of taxable land value, the agency said in a release.

The budget comes from a mix of property taxes and other income from local, state and federal sources, as well as fees, investments and farming taxes.

About 85 percent of the budget goes for flood control, operations and maintenance of lands, as well as ongoing restoration goals. That includes $54.1 million for the next phases of an $880 million plan to improve Everglades water quality. The release said the budget contains $234 million in state money to accelerate restoration projects.

Palm Beach County Property Appraiser issues “rollback” info. What’s your rate?

moneyPAO_LogoJPGOn Monday, the Palm Beach County Property Appraiser issued, and mailed to 654,930 property owners, its annual “TRIM” notice (“Truth in Millage.”).

The state many years ago required entities to show the rollback rate, the rate at which the average homeowner would pay the same amount as last year if the entity’s budget was exactly the same as last year.

In the box score issued Monday, the appraiser broke out for each entity two numbers. The one in blue is “equal to the rollback,” meaning no tax increase on the average property covered by that entity. The number in green, “below rollback,” means that, if the proposed rate passes, you’ll actually pay less in taxes, even though your property’s value might have stayed the same or gone up.

Call the property appraiser at 561-355-3230 or visit

Paying Palm Beach County property taxes in installments? First bill goes out Wednesday

TaxCollectorLogoIf you’re one of the 25,234 Palm Beach County property owners who have signed up to pay your annual property taxes in quarterly installments, you first bill will go in the mail Wednesday, the Tax Collector’s office said today.

Quarterly payments are due in June, September, December and March. You must pay the first one by June 30th or you’re booted from the program. Enrollees can pay online at . “eCheck” payments are free. Convenience fees are applied to credit and debit card transactions.

Enrollees get a discount of just under 4 percent. Any property owner with estimated taxes of more than $100 qualifies and had to have enrolled by April 30.


Palm Beach County Property Appraiser: property values up 7.85 percent

PAO_LogoJPGGettyImages-50904212 (1) (1) (1)Total property values in Palm Beach County are estimated to have risen 7.85 percent from 2015 to 2016, the county property appraiser said Friday.

That number is higher than the initial estimate, issued in late April, of a 6.6 percent increase. And the new estimate places the county at $164.5 billion, near its all-time high, reached in 2007 at the height of the boom.

The property appraiser’s April 29 estimate was that countywide taxable value grew from $152.6 billion on the first day of 2015 to $162.6 billion on the first day of 2016.

It hit a historic high of $169.5 billion in 2007 before falling to a 10-year low of $124.4 billion three years later as a result of the 2008 housing market crash and recession.

Taxable property value is based on real and tangible property values as of Jan. 1 each year. The county, its municipalities and other taxing authorities use estimates to project how much money they can expect to receive from property taxes in the coming year and to set their tax rates and budgets.

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