Palm Beach County offers hands-only CPR training

Hands-only cardiopulmonary resuscitation might save the life of someone you love. Get a free 30 042414-pbg-charity-1minutes of CPR training at one of 21 Palm Beach County locations from 9 a.m to noon Saturday, Feb. 11.

Hands-only CPR training teaches medical help you can give heart-attack victims before paramedics arrive.

Sessions will be at 19 Palm Beach County Fire-Rescue stations and two training centers (see below). They’re taught by students from the Palm Beach County School District’s medical magnet program and Palm Beach State College’s paramedic program.

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Palm Beach County Commissioners OK sales tax wording

palm-beach-county-logoPalm Beach County commissioners have approved the wording of a proposed 1-cent sales tax add-on that will go to voters on the Nov. 8 ballot if cities also approve.

The vote was 5-2; Hal Valeche and Steven Abrams, who have opposed the surtax, were the “no” votes.

On May 10, county commissioners and their Palm Beach County School Board counterparts agreed to a revised revenue-sharing proposal that would allow the penny-on-the-dollar sales tax hike to sunset earlier than 10 years if it generates $2.7 billion in a shorter time frame.

Commissioners also accepted the school board’s request that it be allowed to rescind its support for the plan if the county does not give it final approval by June 7 — that’s what the commission did Tuesday — and if cities don’t follow suit by June 10. Wording must be approved by municipalities accounting for at least half of the cities’ total population.

Because such county decisions require two votes, Tuesday’s agenda item essentially ratifies the May 10 deal with the school board.

McKinlay urges school board to support new sales tax plan

Palm Beach County Commissioner Melissa McKinlay is urging county school board members to embrace the new sales tax plan she and her colleagues approved Tuesday.

The plan increases the amount of money schools, cities and the county would get from a penny on the dollar increase of the 6-cent sales tax. Because school board members had approved an earlier version of the sales tax plan – one that included a combined $161 million in set-asides for cultural projects and economic development incentives – they must take a new vote on the updated plan.

Two school board members, Debra Robinson and Frank Barbieri, attended the county commission meeting Tuesday and asked commissioners not to change the plan.

At McKinlay’s suggestion, however, commissioners voted to move forward with a new plan that does not include money for cultural projects or economic development incentives.

In a letter released after the vote, McKinlay pressed board members to back the new plan.

“It is my sincere hope that the Palm Beach County School District recognizes that the initiative approved by the County Commission (Tuesday) provides an estimated additional $54 million to our public schools to address their needs,” McKinlay wrote. “By partnering with us, it allows them to do additional capital projects like purchase much-needed school buses.”

The school board is expected to address the sales tax plan when it meets later today. Check with for more coverage on this topic.

Commissioner Melissa McKinlay
Commissioner Melissa McKinlay