More than 50,000 voted early or by mail in Palm Beach County; nearly 21.5 million statewide

102516-pbc-early-voting-4 The number who already have voted in the Nov. 8 election, by either early voting or mail-in, is nearly 2.5 million in Florida and nearly 50,000 in Palm Beach County, stats show.

Palm Beach County’s three-day total of 49,714, as reported by the Supervisor of Elections, already is more than a fourth of the 124,896 who participated in eight days of early voting for the November 2012 general election.

For all three days,  the highest volume among the 15 early-voting sites has been the Hagen Ranch Road Palm Beach County Library branch, west of Delray Beach, which by itself accounts for 11 percent of all early voters.

The Florida Division of Elections’ mail-in and early-voting figures, as of midday Thursday, show 2.47 million people already have used one of the two pre-Election Day options. Another 1.65 million ballots were requested but not yet turned in.0

Among mail-ins submitted statewide, Republicans still outnumber Democrats, 677,907 to 631,672, But among those voting early, the GOP trails 336,299 to 370,809.

The state’s figures for Palm Beach County, which don’t exactly match those posted locally, show Republicans trailing 23,662 to 40,955 in mail-ins and  13,905 to 24,748 in early voting.

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