Palm Beach County elections video: no crossing party lines in primary

In case you missed it: Florida is a closed primary state. Has been since 1941. Some people were surprised to learn that in the March presidential primary. So the Palm Beach County Supervisor of Elections has posted on YouTube a 2½ minute video walking voters through the concept in time for the Aug. 30 election.

On March 15, Donald Trump had a big win in Florida, knocking out the state’s own Marco Rubio and helping cement the Republican nomination. And Hillary Clinton took the Democratic primary, building a big lead that eventually was insurmountable.

A lot of people came to the polls that day wanting to vote in a party other than the one in which they were registered. Many were furious when they learned Florida was one of only 11 states in which you can vote in a primary only in the party for which you’re registered.

On Aug. 30, Palm Beach County voters will choose candidates in 22 contested local, state and national races.

The election office’s new video, posted July 14, explains that while there is the closed primary, everyone can vote in races that are non-partisan or in which a candidate faces no opposition in the general election —- in this case Nov. 8. And all can vote in referendum questions.

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