Palm Beach County Inspector General: We handled 536 contacts in past six months


OIGPalm Beach County’s Office of Inspector General fielded 536 contacts — 399 phone calls and 137 pieces of written correspondence — in the last six months, with 84 of those alleging wrongdoing, Inspector General John A. Carey said Thursday.

Of the 84, the office started investigations on three and referring a fourth to contract oversight, Carey said in his 6-month update to the county’s Inspector General Committee. The panel is comprised of the board of the county’s Commission on Ethics, plus State Attorney Dave Aronberg and Public Defender Carey Haughwout.

Carey said agencies targeted accepted each of the 16 recommendations his office made in the cases it investigated.

Carey said his office currently has nine open investigations. He did not elaborate.

Since the office was formed in 2010, Carey said, its staff of 22 has handled nearly 9,000 phone and written contacts.

Six Months ending:
May 2016
Delray Beach 24
Riviera Beach 19
Loxahatchee Groves 12
West Palm Beach 6
Boynton Beach 3
November 2015
Delray Beach 61
Riviera Beach 14
Loxahatchee Groves 5
Pahokee 4
West Palm Beach 3

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