Haven’t paid property taxes? Hurry. Deadline is Thursday

022616-PBC-TAX-LINES-3Remember those long lines at the Palm Beach County Governmental Center at the end of February? Expect them again this week.

Thursday is the deadline for property taxes. Period. Penalties and fees apply after that.

In late February, lines to get into the county Tax Collector’s office snaked through the main lobby and, on some days, out the door and into the courtyard.

Part of it was because the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles office, near Palm Beach International  Airport, closed in June, sending driver license business went to the tax collector office.

But a lot of it was good old procrastination. Feb. 29 was the last day to get a 1 percent discount. It was 2 percent in January and 3 percent in December.

Now time’s up.

Downtown West Palm Beach isn’t your only option. You can go to the new Central Center on Military Trail as well as five satellite offices.

Tax Collector Anne Gannon has said up to four in 10 people can go to her website to conduct their business.

Palm Beach County Tax Collector Service Centers:

People may also mail or drop off payments. And they can go online towww.pbctax.com to pay 2015 property taxes, do motor vehicle and vessel registrations, make business tax payments, schedule driver license appointments, or check current wait times. Call 561-355-2264.


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