Long lines at Palm Beach County tax collector? get used to it

TaxCollectorLogoAt the Palm Beach County Governmental Center, lines to get into the county Tax Collector’s office snake through the main lobby and, on some days, out the door and into the courtyard.

Welcome to the new normal. A car wreck of circumstances means you can count on lines longer than they’ve been in past years, although some relief is expected on March 1, when the last of discounts for prepaying property taxes ends, and April 1, the drop-dead deadline before getting hit with fines and penalties, tax collector’s spokeswoman Karen Clarke said.

“This has become the new normal for down there. Especially the first and last part of the month and Mondays and Fridays,” Clarke said. She also said busiest times are the obvious ones; start and end of day and lunch hour.

None of this sits well with County Commissioner Shelley Vana, who sees the lines when she comes to her office.

“It’s ridiculous. It has never been like this before,” Vana said. “These poor people are coming from all over the place. People are not happy.”

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(Staff writer Joe Capozzi contributed)



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