Taxi, limo firms refile tossed Uber lawsuit

020115-UBER-3As Palm Beach County lawyers had expected, a group of taxi and limousine drivers have resubmitted their Uber-related lawsuit, which a federal judge had thrown out on Feb. 4.

County Attorney Denise Marie Nieman told county commissioners and staff Thursday in an email that she’d received the new, amended complaint in the class-action suit, which claimed Palm Beach County gives special treatment to the Uber app-based ride program.

“I will keep you posted as this matter progresses,” Nieman wrote.

In their lawsuit, originally filed in May 2015, the plaintiffs — Boyce Transportation, which operates A1A Airport and Limousine Service; Prestige Limousine; North County Transportation; Apollo Transportation Services; and Metro Premier Car Service — demanded monetary damages, a declaration that Uber is a vehicle-for-hire firm, and an order barring the county from “selectively enforcing the laws of the state and county applicable to plaintiffs’ business for the benefit of any (vehicle for hire) company willing to pay PBC to do so.”

But U.S. District Judge Robin L. Rosenberg wrote in a ruling from Fort Pierce that the firms’ “broad allegation” that they were the same animal as Uber and similar firms “is not supported by sufficient factual allegations.”

A plan to create statewide rules for app-based ride programs is working its way through the Legislature.

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